ok none of that bullshit emotional stuff

THESE are the best feelings in the world:

  • peeing after holding it in all day
  • orgasms
  • faking ill and getting sent back to bed 
  • when you sing really emotionally and give yourself shivers b/c you’re fucking star quality
  • getting a back massage
  • seeing somebody you don’t like fall over omfg 
  • when you try and talk to your pet in their language and you feel like you’re having a conversation (this might just be me idk)

It wasn’t just the kissing. It was the way he grabbed her arm while she was running toward the barn. It was the way he moved her aside to hide from the carriage. The way he put her hood on for her. The way they held on tight to each other while dancing. The way he held her when they thought Snow was dying. The way he wiped the tears away from her face when she was down. The way she touched his shoulder in the diner after they kissed.

Jmo was right: Y o u   d o n ’ t   h a v e  t o   k i s s   t o   b e  i n t i m a t e. (x)

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Get to Know Me
[2/5] favorite female characters 
Cersei Lannister [Game of Thrones]

“We had seen a number of excellent actresses, but everyone had interpreted the character as an emotionless ice queen. Lena took her in a different, stranger and more interesting direction. In her hands, Cersei embodies endless contradictions. The queen can seem both ruthless and fragile, often in the same scene. She can exhibit extreme cruelty but also utter devotion to her own children.” (x)

Dear, Staff


We, the individual users of your lovely site, appreciate how hard you work to keep tumblr visually appealing and fully functional. However, absolutely no one ever wants to reblog as link. Please unselect it as the default option and give me a choice when using the app. Thank you, have a wonderful day.
Sincerely, everyone.



i hate when people say age is just a number

clearly it’s a word

tumblr has taught me so many comebacks I can use in real life.